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vr what it is and how it works

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VR, the acronym for virtual reality, together with AR augmented reality has been revolutionizing the technology available for companies and ordinary citizens in recent years. Impossible to have never heard of it even if the diffusion is taking place in recent years, and the phenomenon is destined to grow more and more in the near future.

As radio, television, PC and smartphones have changed our way of living, virtual reality will too. It is a technology that allows the user to have an immersive experience, to be involved in a reality reconstructed in 3D and interact with it. Large companies have already sensed its potential, both for VR and for AR and have created their applications, this because VR as well as entertainment aspects (born for gamers) certainly has the possibility of being exploited for commercial and sales as well as entertainment and many other potentials that we will analyze in greater depth.

The virtual reality through the connection to a special visor similar to a mask, projects the user into a reconstructed reality, allowing him to live an experience through the reproduction of an environment or a scene with photos or videos proposed in digital format, to be clear you have to imagine being a first-person part of a very high definition video game.

Definitely important to underline that the main feature of VR is interaction and in this it differs from 360 degrees photos or videos that we are used to seeing for example on google maps, as in 360 degree "experiences" the user cannot have no interaction with the environment, the images remain static and moving or rotating the head does not change the perception and therefore there is no interaction with the environment.

As I said before, with VR you are Main character in a reconstructed environment, let's try to imagine being inside a shop, you can interact with the door, walk around the shop and also interact with a shelf, taking care not to knock (virtually) the objects present or the furniture. In this way you can have an experience in a totally artificial environment by excluding the perception of the real world.

How does it work?

In order to use virtual reality, a virtual reality viewer is needed. There are different types and brands, with very variable costs. The types are:

- The recently released standalone, devices that do not have connections to PCs or smartphones therefore more comfortable to use.

- Viewers to combine with a smartphone

- Viewers connected to the PC

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